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Matt Singing Teacher London - Camden Town, North LondonProfessional Singing Lessons in London, Camden Town
Matt Thompson
Learn how to sing using your entire vocal register without stress or strain.  Learn that singing should feel easy and effortless, especially the high notes.  Expand and strengthen your voice, build confidence and develop individuality.  Matt Thompson is dedicated to helping all of his students realise their full potential. Working with complete beginners to advanced level Matt has a lesson designed for you.  With a choice of group workshops and one to one singing lessons, you will find vocal tuition that suits your needs, at competitive prices. Genres range from Rock to Pop, Jazz, Blues, Soul, R’n’B and many more.  Singing lessons are offered to all ages.  .
Matt Thompson’s singing lessons are held for all levels of ability.  Matt has been teaching since 2001 and has a great reputation helping students realise their true potential.  Over the last 12 years Matt’s innovative teaching methods have seen past students get signed to record labels.  Matt has been working with Management companies throughout London making a name for himself as one of London’s top vocal coaches. 
Singing lessons are very similar to working out at the gym.  You need to warm up, work out and isolate the muscles that make up the vocalist’s anatomy. Strengthen muscle coordination, enabling you to control the opening and closing of the vocal folds.  Learn how to breathe properly to improve and develop your vocal tone, freeing up your vocal register, enabling you to sing without cracks or breaks in the voice, with ease and the freedom, allowing you to concentrate on delivering that perfect performance time after time.
The most common problem faced by Matt’s students in the early stages of singing lessons is lack of confidence.  Matt works with all of his students at a comfortable, yet disciplined pace.  Students soon learn to relax and find a way to deal with their nerves, enabling them to get past the barrier that some think they will never pass.  Students soon learn that making mistakes and correcting their mistakes is the best way to learn.
Please don’t hesitate to contact Matt directly should you have any further questions regarding his London singing lessons.
Matt is one of London’s top singing teachers and will help you find your individuality as a vocalist, whilst showing you how correct vocal technique and knowledge will help you realise your true potential.
Who should have singing lessons?
Anyone who want’s to learn how to sing or improve the singing voice they have already.
Who shouldn’t have singing lessons?
Those who arn’t prepared to work in between each lesson.  Matt’s lessons are there to enable you to get the best from your voice.  Without work in between each singing lesson, you may as well save your money and not have lessons at all.
Why are singing lessons important?
Singing lessons are important to help you train, develop, advance, preserve and stylise your voice.  If you are serious about wanting to learn how to sing or developing the voice you have already then you will need to work hard to realise your true potential. 
What if I don’t have time to practice between lessons?
Then stay at home, take lessons when you do have the time to practice. It is important that all students work hard to get the best out of Matt’s lessons.  Without regular weekly practice, your progress will be much slower.  Matt only takes on students who are willing to work at achieving their goal.
How do I know if I can sing well or not?
Record yourself singing and play it back.  If you are not sure or if you want a professional opinion, book yourself in for a one off lesson and listen to the feedback your teacher gives you.
One to One Singing Lessons in LondonOne to One singing lessons
Whether you are a complete beginner or a professional singer, Matt Thompson will help you; improve your vocal technique, expand and strengthen your entire vocal register whilst developing the stylistic skills needed to keep and develop your individuality.
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Singing Lessons Camden Town and Kings Cross | Singing lessons for bandsSinging lessons for bands
Whether you are a boy band, girl band, rock band or any other type of band requiring; harmony, stylistic technique, band development or any other vocal production, Matt can help you get the best from your voices.
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Skype SInigng Lessons | Singing teachers LondonSkype singing lessons - BOOK YOUR FREE 30 MINUTE SKYPE CONSULTATION NOW!
Learn from anywhere in the world.  Skype lessons are getting more popular.  All you need are computer speakers and good internet connection.
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songwriting lessons london | songwriting lessons camden townSongwriting lessons
Need help with songwriting? want to develop your style of writing? or would like to incorporate songwriting in with your singing lessons...
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Group Sinigng Lessons LondonGroup Singing Lessons
Arpeggio Music offers group singing lessons for beginners and intermediate level.  Workshops are held throughout the year.
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I’ve come to understand more about my voice through these lessons than I have with other teachers” - Jane Morris
“I came to the workshop full of excitement wanting to try a go at singing. The beginners workshop is the perfect place to give yourself an opportunity of finding your voice” - Hanan

" I attended attended a beginners course 2 years with Matt of Arpeggio music and found the entire experience amazing! Matt introduced singing techniques in a practical, easy to follow way which has proved invaluable in developing my confidence to sing . His encouragement coupled with his professional know how gave me a clear uncomplicated insight into what a serious vocalist might do to develop their voice, I would definitely recommend a course if your curious about what you can achieve with your voice ! " - Bri Walsh

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Online Singing Lessons
Group Sinigng Lessons London | Group Singing Classes London
Group Singing Lessons throughout the year!
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