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One to One Singing Lessons - Birmingham
Do I have to be able to sing to attend One to One Lessons
No you do not have to have any singing experience whatsoever.  One to One lessons are offered to total beginners to professional level.
What will I get out of these lessons?
You will fully understand how your vocals work and how to get the very best from every aspect of your voice.  You will go from strength to strength conquering techniques from breath control, voice strengthening, expanding range, stylistic techniques, ear training and many more.  You will realise that singing should feel easy and effortless even when tackling those high notes.  These lessons are really a fantastic way to get the very best from your voice.
What genres do we sing?
We work on many different genres throughout these lessons from Rock to Pop, Blues, Jazz, RnB, Swing etc.  Genres are specifically chosen around your needs as a vocalist.  You can even bring in your own songs to work on.
How much time will I need to spend on  practice between lessons?
The more you practice the quicker you will see results.  You need to work hard at developing your voice and your vocal technique.  You should be practicing 2 -3 times per week about 30 minutes each time as a minimum.  Depending of whether you are singing for fun or working as a professional singer your rehearsal structure will vary.  What you put into these lessons is what you get out.  There is no point coming for singing lessons if you are wanting to become a professional singer can’t practicing between lessons.  Lesson plans are drawn up by your singing teacher to ensure you get the very best from your lessons.
How long will I need to take singing lessons for?
It depends on what your goals are, how well you can sing already amongst many other factors.  To learn all of the vocal techniques from scratch can take a few months to a year depending on your ability.  Some people can do some techniques more naturally than others and this may save time when it comes to learning technique.  As a vocalist you will always work on technique for as long as you continue to sing.  Singing is very much like going to the Gym.  Once you have reached your goals you need to continue training (in your case rehearsing) to maintain your voice and to keep it exercised.
Can I just attend these lessons for fun?
Yes of course!  These lessons are a really fun way to improve your voice and are designed for anyone  wishing to improve vocal technique.
How old do you have to be to attend lessons?
You can be any age.  You are never too young or old to improve your vocal ability.
How often shall I have singing lessons?
Ideally once a week to once a fortnight, however so long as you can dedicate your time to rehearsal between lessons, lessons can be taken as little or as often as you like.
What can I expect from my first lesson?
Your first lesson will consist of a vocal assessment as well as an introduction to some of the techniques needed to start work on eliminating weaknesses found in this assessment.  Your teacher will ensure you are relaxed and will only get you to sing by yourself when you are ready to do so.  More confident singers are encouraged to prepare a song for their first lesson.
Unless you are preparing a song for your first lesson, the only thing you need to bring with you is a bottle of water as all other course material will be provided.

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