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One to One Singing Lessons in Birmingham available Monday to Sunday, mornings, afternoons and evenings.

1 hour lessons cost- 25

For more information please contact Arpeggio Music directly.
Tel: 0207 482 3686
Mob: 077925 11393
email: info@arpeggiomusic.net
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Lewis Jones - Birmingham - Edgbaston or at your home.

As a vocal tutor I have a variety of experience in teaching and coaching individuals and ensembles. With all students I focus on developing skill through the secure grasp of fundamental technique: though I am an early music specialist, the basic technique I teach is the same for all styles of singing and centres around a natural, secure approach centred around building on the strength of the individual. Lessons are obviously highly personal and take the shape that is most useful to the student, but also include elements of:

*Register management
*Performance practise
*New repertoire
*Development of vocal quality
*Confidence building based on secure technique

If there is a particular area a student wishes to cover, I am most happy to do so. Lessons may lead to performance opportunities.

As a singing teacher, I focus on fundamental technique as the basis for all singing. I am happy to teach singers of any level, whatever their eventual goals or preferred style: the basis for all good singing is the same. I also focus on musicianship as a key aspect of successful singing.


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