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We all have different vocal registers, yet we are all striving to reach the same destination; singing the high notes comfortably, singing confidently, using the entire vocal register without breaks, singing without effort or strain. Matt works with all of his students on all of these common issues. Matt specialises in all vocal technique passing on his knowledge using his innovative teaching methods.  If you don’t understand how the voice works, how can you understand and develop your own vocal technique’
One of the most frequently asked questions I receive as a vocal coach is

“How do I sing the high notes?”

Matt Thompson Camden Singing LessonsCome and discover that the high notes should feel easy, without stress or strain and no more difficult than talking loudly.
Matt offers unique singing lessons, teaching students from all levels and musical backgrounds. It’s Matt’s PASSION to help ALL of his students reach their full potential using his revolutionary teaching methods tailor made to suit your own personal needs. Genres range from: Rock to Pop, RnB, Jazz to Soul, Gospel, Musical Theatre and many more. Lessons are designed for complete beginners through to professional level.

Matt guarantee’s all his students will improve in the following areas:

Vocal Range
Breath Control
Ad libs
Voice placement
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Ear Training
Bridging between voices
Stage performance

All lessons are recorded via mp3 and emailed back to students along with piano scales used for both warm-up and technical work.

Professional demos can also be recorded in lesson time. Please ask for more information. 

What can I expect from my first lesson?
Your first lesson will consist of a vocal assessment as well as work on extracts from songs chosen by either yourself or by Matt.  We start work on vocal technique straight away.  A lesson plan is drawn up between the first and second lesson tailor made around your needs - as discussed in this lesson.  At the end of the lesson, Matt will discuss how your vocal assessment went, answering any questions you may have.  You will be given work to complete before your second lesson.  All scales used for both warm-ups and technical work are available free of charge from this website.
Nervous students
It is completely normal to feel nervous for your first lesson.  Matt Thompson has been teaching for 13 years and will make sure that you are relaxed and feel comfortable throughout your first singing lesson.  We start with a simple warm up and then work on techniques such as breathing etc.  If you feel nervous, Matt will sing the scales with you.  You will realise by the end of the lesson there was nothing to feel nervous about. Don’t let nerves get in the way of you booking your first lesson.  How will you know if you never try!
If you don’t know if you can sing or not!
Matt will discuss with you at the end of your first lesson if it is worth continuing with singing lessons or not.  Even the weakest of voices can be trained - there are very few people on this planet who are tone-deaf.  You will receive honest and constructive feedback at the end of this initial lesson.
Professional singing lessons
Matt has been working with management companies over the years helping newly signed acts correct bad technique, maintain vocal health, prevent vocal abuse, fine-tune problem areas as well as building stamina whilst singing night after night on tour. 
If you are a management company and wish to find out more about singing lessons for your signed acts, please contact Matt directly: 07792511393.

tel: 07792 511393

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