Free online singing lessons by Matt Thompson

Learn how to sing in the comfort of your own home.  Lessons can be streamed from your computer, ipad, or android phone.  Each week Matt will be posting online videos to help you with your vocal technique. You will learn everything from breath control, voice placement, expanding register, the vocalists anatomy, vibrato and many more techniques.  Lessons start at beginners level.  We will start off with simple breathing exercises in lesson 1 and then move onto more complex techniques in future lessons to help you get the best from your singing voice.  Lessons will be published every Monday. 


Lesson 1 - Breathing: 15.39 mins

This video talks about; basic breathing technique, correct and incorrect ways to breathe, diaphragmatic kicks to strengthen your diaphragm, sustaining long notes and controlled breathing.  You will need to learn how to breathe properly before moving onto lesson 2 as you will be required to work on this correct technique in order to successfully complete all future lessons. 

In my next video, you will be introduced to the 3 main areas of the voice.  We will start work on voice strengthening through use of scales - singing vocal exercises relating to your chest voice.

Please contact me on twitter with any questions you may have @singtheeasyway

Lesson 2 - An introduction to chest voice and 12 vocal exercises to help you strengthen your voice.  Don’t forget to breath properly when attempting these exercises.  Make sure you sing LOUDLY to develop your voice, however, all notes should feel comfortable, without vocal strain.

My next video will be a continuation of the chest voice exercises, preparing you for more difficult scales to help improve control, vocal tone and vocal register.

Please contact me on twitter with any questions you may have @singtheeasyway





Lesson 3 - Chest voice continued. Using the major scale, you will continue to work on your chest voice, using an 8 note ascending scale to continue to strengthen the loudest part of your voice.  Next lesson we will be looking at how to expand your vocal register by singing into your middle voice.

Lesson 4 will be published on Thursday 4th April!


tel: 07792 511393


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