I’ve had a few one-to-one lessons with Matt, and highly recommend him. I’ve come to understand more about my voice through these lessons than I have with other teachers. He quickly puts you at ease, and if necessary will sing along with you to help with that, and yet he can still pick up on exactly what’s going on with your voice. He works at improving all aspects of your singing: strength, range, tone, vibrato, style, performance… He is extremely perceptive in identifying the cause of any problems with the way you sing, not just what’s going on with your vocal cords, but the way you shape your mouth or position the palate, how you control your breath, or simply the conviction you give to the words, amongst others. He makes you work hard but you don’t realise because the lessons are fun. If you’re thinking about booking a lesson, just do it!

Jane Morris - One to One Vocal Tuition

I received 6 lessons for the “beginners vocal workshop” as a Christmas present and must admit, really wondered what I was getting myself into on the first week. When I arrived at the studio, however, I was greeted by a very friendly, happy face (Matt) and there was no pressure to perform straight away, which made me feel more relaxed and made the session very enjoyable.

The lessons were very helpful with a good balance between learning technique and singing some really good songs. I enjoyed it so much that I signed up for a second 6 week session. I feel I am confident enough to sing in front of a small audience, which was my initial goal. I’d recommend to people who are just starting out and want to build some confidence, and learn a little around the basic techniques.

Vivienne Dargan - London Beginners Vocal Workshop

Matt Thompson has helped me achieve the goal of becoming a good vocalist by teaching me everything I needed to know from breathing techniques and vocal health to creating powerful melodies and sustaining higher notes. By taking the best out of various music genres introduced to me during Matt's singing lessons I was able to discover a whole new world of singing possibilities and develop my own vocal character. Thanks for all the hard work!

Victor Alyanich - One to One Vocal Tuition

" I attended attended a beginners course 2 years with Matt of Arpeggio music and found the entire experience amazing! Matt introduced singing techniques in a practical, easy to follow way which has proved invaluable in developing my confidence to sing . His encouragement coupled with his professional know how gave me a clear uncomplicated insight into what a serious vocalist might do to develop their voice, I would definitely recommend a course if your curious about what you can achieve with your voice ! "

 Bri Walsh

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